"Lives are changed through relationships. And relationships that change lives take time."

- Timothy Eldred

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Let's be honest. (Kajabi Version)

Youth ministry has become complicated—too complicated. Why? Because we let it happen. Despite our best intentions over the years, we kept adding unnecessary layers to programs. And now, those good ideas have gotten in the way. And do. It's not anyone's fault. So we're not throwing rocks.

But something has to change. We all know it. And it's not as simple as creating another youth ministry model. This change must be fundamental. And drastic. Which is a bit scary, right? Well, it doesn't have to be at all.

YouEquip™ was started by ministry veteran, Timothy Eldred, to help churches make the necessary changes without unnecessary frustration. For nearly 30 years, Tim has served the Church as a youth pastor, teaching pastor, consultant, and trainer. He is still active in pastoral ministry locally. In 2015, he accepted the role as President of Endeavor Ministries, the oldest youth movement in North America.

Over the last few years, Tim has traveled the world and trained thousands of youth workers, pastors, and churches to follow a more biblically-balanced approach to discipleship, return to the roots of youth work, and remove the unnecessary layers that have been piled on youth programs in the past few decades.

His passion to equip the Body of Christ to empower the Next Generation led Tim to create YouEquip™ and produce the highest quality training and resources for small to average-size churches. Churches who have been overlooked and underserved. Churches who can't relate to youth programs with hundreds of teens and dozens of adult volunteers. Churches without paid youth ministry teams. Churches with limited budgets. And churches with 6-8 teens in their youth group (on a good week).

We look forward to serving you and setting you up for ever greater success as you navigate the critical changes that must take place in youth ministry to transform the Next Generation for Jesus Christ.

About (TE Version)

Timothy (Tim) Eldred is a veteran pastor, speaker, author, consultant, and unrelenting voice for releasing people’s God-given potential. For nearly 30 years, he has been inspiring people locally, nationally, and internationally as a pastor, speaker, and nonprofit thought-leader. During his career, he has spoken to audiences all over the world to help them dream again and discover a fresh perspective for life. Over that time, Tim has gained a reputation for challenging the status quo to help people and organizations achieve their personal and professional goals.

Tim is well-known for saying, “Lives are changed through relationships. And relationships that change lives take time.” His newsletter, It’s All About Relationships™ is read by thousands of people weekly who gain insight and wisdom from Tim’s thoughtful and thought-provoking words. Over the last 15 years, Tim has trained over 12,000 pastors and youth workers the principles of building a legacy by training their replacements. His book series on spiritual formation and leadership development have been read by over 600,000 people in more than 90 nations. Tim’s newest and best-selling book, Alone Sucks, matches his speaking style—real, raw, and relevant to peoples’ greatest struggle today—identity.

Tim’s personal mission is to model of life of passion, purpose, and generosity with excellence and creativity that inspires people to live with authenticity and a relentless desire to help others. And while that statement keeps him focused on his professional life, it is first fleshed-out with his number one priority—his family. Tim and his wife, Cindy, have been married for 29 years and make their home in a quiet, rural community in Michigan. They have two adult children who they’ve raised to risk-failure to follow their dreams with reckless abandon.

In addition to his undergraduate work in youth ministry and masters education in pastoral leadership, Tim is currently completing his Ph.D. in organizational management and leadership from Trinity Seminary.




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