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Let's not play games with each other, ok?

I’m not going to try to be clever to get your attention or your business. Neither of us have time for that noise. And the next generation doesn’t either. So if you're ready for real change with lasting impact, I'm ready to join your team!


Hey, I'm Tim.

I'm a veteran pastor, speaker, author, and unrelenting voice for releasing the potential of the next generation. 


For nearly 30 years, I've been active in youth work locally, nationally, and internationally. During my career, I've spoken to audiences all over the world and gained a reputation for challenging the status quo. According to my peers, I'm considered the leading voice for youth in ministry.

To be 100% honest, I'm not everyone's cup-o-tea. To help you achieve your goals, I push hard and pull no punches. But in the end, I promise something different than you'll get with other speakers, coaches, and consultants—measurable results.



Tim tackles the difficult issues of this generation and connects to their deepest pain while giving them hope and real solutions. His raw honesty grabs their attention, opens doors of possibility for their future, and is makes a difference in this generation. Artfully honest and theologically a deep well.
— Eric Samuel Timm |
Tim is a voice that needs to be heard in youth work. His philosophy of empowering students is not only biblically-solid, but he has created practical pathways that give ownership to the next generation.
We hired Tim for one reason—he understands how to put young people to work in the church as the Church today.
— Paul Walker | Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale
The way Tim teaches you to reproduce reproducers will transform your mind and your approach to ministry.
— Mike Calhoun | Word of Life
Tim is absolutely contagious. His experience will challenge you and his enthusiasm will bring out the best in your teams.
— Tash McGill | Strategy Consultant
Tim has completely challenged my thinking and changed the way I do ministry with youth instead of for them now.
— Amos Gray | First Lutheran Hot Springs
I wholeheartedly recommend that you let Tim’s passion and perspective reshape your ministry to the next generation.
— Greg Stier | Founder of Dare 2 Share
Tim will change the way you, students, and leaders see their lives. But don’t waste his time or yours if you’re satisfied with your current results.
— Jeremy Pettitt | Vice President of AWANA
Tim is creative, captivating, and he has the experience to back up what he is teaching. His insights and his content are rock solid.
— Jonathan Meyer | Grace Church Des Moines